Offer a lifestyle solution, not just an energy solution

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses. Devices can connect to each other and communicate, and carbonTRACK is the gateway to smart home automation. Schedule or turn appliances on and off, all from one app.

Manage and reduce your electricity bill

Monitor your energy consumption anytime, anywhere. Get 24/7 access from your phone, tablet or computer. High electricity bills will be a thing of the past. Check your bills and set budgets and goals.

Total control. Anytime. Anywhere.

Turn off appliances from work, the supermarket (or even your bed)! carbonTRACK lets you control your entire home, all from your phone. Turn on the aircon, or switch off a light. carbonTRACK turns your house into a Smart Home and makes your life a whole lot easier.


See your energy data in 15-minute intervals on the easy to use dashboard.

Smart Solar

Know how much solar you generage, use and export. Maximise your feed-in tariff and return on investment.

Control & Automate

Connect your appliances and set timers or remotely switch these on or off from the App.

Battery Ready

Understand your capacity and size up your home for battery storage.


Enjoy reduced electricity bills and energy waste. Save up to 30% off electricity bills.

Data Security

Ensure safe and reliable transfer of data through a dedicated SIM, independent of your Wi-Fi.

Bill Validation

Generate reports and compare it with your electricity bills to validate charges.

24/7 Access

Access your personal dashboard via the web interface and App. Available on both iOS and Android.


Connect and control the essentials.


Capture your home's electricity use. Have carbonTRACK installed at each distribution board b an acccredited electrician.


See your energy use on the Dashboard or App and generate unlimited reports.


Switch or set timers to connect appliances to turn on or off. Match it with your lifestyle and electricity tariff.

Carbon Track Devices

Smart Home Accessories

Smart Plug

Connect your appliances to smart plugs and switch them off from your phone when you’re about to leave the house or go to sleep. Smart plug will pair with the Smart Hub to monitor and control a network of up to 64,000 electrical appliances remotely to integrate more appliances for user control.

Smart HUB

The carbonTRACK Smart Hub is key to the smart home ecosystem. carbonTRACK’s Smart Hub connects to your switchboard, it offers users monitoring and switching in their home to help to reduce electricity bills and ensure their home is secure and connects their smart devices.

Dashboard & Smart App

Convenience at your fingertips, Use your Smart Hub with the carbonTRACK app.
Your home’s universal remote: turn connected appliances on or off, you can even switch circuits, so your hot water only heats up when you need it, and your pool pump makes the most of the cheapest power.