Solar panels for commercial use

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Opal Solar Switch - Solar panels for commercial use

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Solar solutions for Businesses

Investing in a Solar PV System has distinct financial benefits and shows your commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. Our vision is to help in powering businesses around the world. The leading quality solar energy provider.
Top Solar Solutions as official distributor of Solar PV Panels, Solar Power Inverters and complete solar systems has developed key partners throughout Australia that have reinforced the growth of our brands. Our solar energy solution is an ecosystem that will provide energy to your home, business & commercial purpose. We know the requirement to offer varieties for our customers and offer a range of technologies, price ideas and services. We bring into line ourselves to brands that have the same values as ours namely service and support, quality and value for money. Our products are supported by warranties held in Australia, our experience and knowledge sets us apart from the race and our promise to serving the customer needs is dominant.

Solar Solutions for Homes

Setting up solar solutions in a home usually means setting up a Solar PV Panels and related components on the roof.
1. You can control energy cost and save money with solar energy
2. Power your home with beautiful solar and help the environment, look for better and brighter tomorrow
3. Solar panels will increase a home's attractiveness in the market. Solar for Homes --- Power your home with clean energy.

Top Solar Solutions is the leading quality solar energy provider. Our national scale, in-house experience, and world-class technology are only a few of the solar energy advantages that make us the clean energy company of choice for small businesses, commercial companies, governments, schools, farms, water districts and more.

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Turn-On To Solar Energy - Solar power system for business

Turn-on to solar energy

Turn to solar energy to see the difference it can make! Enhance your business and reduce carbon emissions through solar energy. Solar energy could prove to be the major source of renewable energy because of its massive potential and long-term advantages.

Go Green

Making a difference in the fight against climate change. Solar energy is a non-polluting source of energy, PV panels as being greener than most other renewable energy sources, both interms of manufacturing, operating, environment disturbance and emissions.

Solar products for business
Solar panels for commercial buildings cost

Save Energy - Go Save

Make large savings, reduce your energy bills by opting eco-friendly Solar PV Panels and Solar Power Inverters. The immediate effect of solar energy is savings in your electrical bills, pay less every month and save money!